Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hand-dyed Eggs

I stopped by to visit my neighbor, Maureen, the other day.  She invited me in to see one of the projects she had been working on for her grand-kids.  As I walked by her kitchen counter I saw a big basket filled with these beautiful hand dyed Easter Eggs.  

She has been making these "Ukrainian" Dyed Eggs with her children since 1990.

Using a special pen filled with melted wax, designs are drawn on the eggs, the eggs are then dyed and the wax removed.  Repeating this process many times results in these beautiful  one of a kind eggs.

Maureen says to get eggs from well fed hens.  This ensures that they are fresh and have hard shells.

The eggs are dyed and then stored in empty cartons .  I asked if they ever exploded, (we have all found old eggs laying around the farm), but she said that it has rarely happened.  Eventually the inside dries out, and the eggs can be kept for many years.

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