Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The first plant in my garden to break it's long winter nap is the perennial bunching onion.  This year with our  very unusual mild winter, it began growing in mid-march.  This onion has a small, mild tasting bulbs and sweet stalks , it is delicious in fresh salads,  minced into egg salad sandwiches or any other dish needing a mild oniony flavor.    During the heat of the summer the tops die back and the bulbs spend their time underground waiting for cooler weather.  As the days become cooler new shoots appear and the bulbs begin multiplying.  Harvest until a hard winter frosts kills the tops. 

 I usually divide the onions in the early spring.  Simply dig up, separate into bunches of 6-10 and replant.  Add composted manure. If transplanting in the late summer or fall, add a layer of straw to keep them cozy over the winter.  
I will have starts of bunching onion a little later in the season at Market.

For market this week I will have:

Carrots, baby, Nantes,
Chard, ruby red, ford hook
Cucumbers, Boston pickling, slicing, Armenian
peppers, Anaheim, sweet banana, bell
 lettuce ,red leaf, bib, mesclum
onions, red, sweet Spanish
string beans, green, yellow wax, purple
summer squash


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