Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, December 1, 2014

back to REST

Hope everyone had a wonderful THANKSGIVING, filled with gratitude for all your blessings, good food, great company and time with family and loved ones.  We spent the holiday with my kids and managed to accomplish quite a bit.  My married kids know you had better bring your "work clothes"  when they come for a visit because there is always a work project going on.  The wood pile was a priority and after a long day of cutting, splitting, hauling and stacking in the wood shed, I think we will make it through the winter.  Projects at the farm included:  finish laying the rock in the sun room, lining the grow boxes with newly purchased galvanized sheet metal, cutting glass panels for the exterior windows, draining and bringing in all the hoses throughout the gardens.  Tearing out wire fences and digging out the metal T-Posts so we can plant a lawn in front of the Airstream this spring.  Watering the 30 newly trans-planted trees one last time so they won't winter kill, and we did find a little time to go skeet shooting down on the pond bank out in the west 40.  After a long 7 hour drive back to Roosevelt, I commented to my husband that it was too bad he had to go back to work the next day.  He smiled a tired, worn out smile and replied.
  "Yes, I get to go back to REST tomorrow!"

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