Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Family Christmas Traditions

   It's the most wonderful time of the year. 
This year, however instead of getting together and sharing all our family traditions:

* making ginger bread cookies to hang on the sagebrush tree

find a recipe here

* spending many evenings together creating one of a kind tree ornaments

( angels made from corn husks unearthed from the compost pile)

* putting on our snow boots, grabbing a hand-saw and ax,

going out the back door to chop down a big ole
  sagebrush for our tree
more pictures here

This family tradition began one year when the snow was very deep
and going into the mountains after a tree was impossible,
But I knew just what to do,
stepping out the back door we cut down a large, beautiful sagebrush.
We have had a sagebrush tree for the past 10 years or so.

Christmas 2010

* purchasing gifts for less fortunate neighbors and then trying to deliver
them without being caught
*having our Christmas night "slumber party" on the floor of the "little red house"
this tradition came about from the many years my kids slept on the floor in our little one bedroom
600 square foot house. 

Well this year is going to be a little different
My kids are strung far and wide,


but traditions are worth hanging on to.
I made gingerbread cookies and sent them to the boys.
We will walk out the back door (of our rented house up north)
 tonight and cut down a sagebrush for our tree,
decorating it with hand made ornaments from years past.
Sadly, we will not be spending Christmas this year down on the farm
 at the "Little Red House",
surrounded by loved ones.
That is why family traditions are so important.
No matter where you are and how far apart you my be,
 your tradition's will bring you together.

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