Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs

There have been many studies preformed on the value of farm eggs verses "factory" eggs.  There is an interesting article written in Mother Earth News about the proven  extra  nutritional benifets of farm eggs.  Yes I'm all about eating the most nutritious eggs you can, but my criteria is TASTE.  As many of you have stopped by my booth at market and questioned why my eggs cost more than the other guys (or sister's) , the answer is,  they simply TASTE better. 
(Shelly, I know you are my sister and all and I do love you dearly, but my eggs ARE better than yours:) 

I know you are wondering how my farm eggs can taste better than other farm eggs well the answer is simple. 
Sprouted organic wheat berries, raw goats milk, greens from the green-house and protein in the form of slugs and bugs-yum!   

I raised my kids on farm-fresh eggs.  Sometimes in January the egg production would not quite feed our family so I would buy eggs from the store. 
I called them "fake eggs" .  One day my oldest daughter who was twelve was making a cake.  She  at the time thought they really were fake because they weren't at all like the ones we gathered from our hens.  Picking an egg up she examined it very closly and asked "Where do the make these, in a factory or something.?"  

This year I am raising more hens and should have plenty of eggs available at market.  Get there early because they sell fast.  Egg shares are available at a reduced price with a CSA vegetable share.

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