Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, February 27, 2012

One Tough Gal!

We visited the Dinosaur National Momument this past weekend.  It is located in the small town of Jensen Utah, just before the Colorado border. As you travel through the park and to the furtherest end you will come to the homestead of Josephine Bassett Morris.  This spunky little lady lived here until she was 90 years old.  She died in 1964 from complications  after falling on the frozen ice while feeding her horses.

Jossie as she was called by all the locals was a self-sufficient, strong- willed,  independent woman.  She lived alone for 50 years providing for her needs by raising cattle, hogs, and butchering and canning enough vegetables to get her through the long winters. 

She drank from a spring that ran year round.  The water allowed her to raise a large garden and provide for the animals she raised.

water cress in the natural fed spring

remains of the old chicken coop

corner posts of the cabin wall

Door leading out of the main room

Jossie's only modern convience, a metal fireplace insert and bricks

Front windows that overlooked her beautiful pastures and surrounding mountains

       There  are several book written about this extraordinary woman  I can't wait to read them.

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  1. You probably know by now, she was also good friends with Burch Cassidy And the Sundance kid, as well as an on and off girlfriend to many in The Wild Bunch. Her sister Ann was Burch Cassidy' s long time girlfriend.