Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Planting Tomato Seeds

Using organic potting soil I fill containers with moistened soil.  If planting a large volume of seeds I have found it easier to pour water into the bag of soil and add water until it is throughly moistened.

 Collect containers of choice. I have used empty yogurt cups, milk cartons and even cups made from newspapers. 

                           Tear seeds from paper towel and place in container, cover lightly with soil.

Label containers with variety of plant, and the date planted.

Cover to retain moisture.  You can cover with plastic wrap or I have placed my containers in an airtight clear plastic container.  This simulates a greenhouse effect allowing the seeds to remain moist  for better germination.  Try placing your seeds on top of the fridge.  I have found the extra bottom heat a great help in the germination process.

In 10 to 14 days your seeds should sprout.

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