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Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Green Drink

early planting
 of  broccoli and greens in the greenhouse

I began drinking the "green drink" about 35 years ago as a college student.  My roomates thought me a bit strange.  Not only did I eat and drink odd vege concoptions but I would rather stay home and read my John James Audabon books than go to the movies.


I am glad to see the green drink gaining in popularity. 
  It is an extreamly healthy drink filled with vitamins and minerals.
Those of you who frequent my market booth in Ansestor Square will notice I have a green drink bouquet every week.  Each week the variety of ingredients vary depending upon the availablity of greens.  Generally the bouquet will include cabbage leaf, broccoli leaf  , chard, kale, aragula, spinach, herbs to give it a little zing, and maybe even the wild greens (dandilion, lambs quarter etc.)  Any combination works, just experiment until you find something you like.  I always use a juice base but some people prefer a water base. 


In a blender pour in 1 to 2  cups  liquid of choice-(I prefer pineapple juice)

add greens of choice and blend until smooth.  If you are adding  herbs add them last and taste as you go.

Someone needs to write a sonnet about cabbage.
Isn't this beautiful!

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