Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, June 14, 2012

chipmunks are NOT cute

Why did I ever enjoy listening to my record album, Alvin and the Chipmunks, with their cute little voices?   I even had my own Alvin the chipmunk impersonation,  and when you saw them in cartoons they were adorable.   I think they even have their own movie now.  I have been over-run with the cute little VARMINTS and I am declaring WAR.  Just the past couple of years we have had trouble with them and this year the gardens are under full attack. 
As I watch out the east window of the little red house, they scamper over the pile of rocks that are to become our patio.  Standing tall on their hind legs they call to everyone and spread the good news.

Un -be- known to me the little fellow was saying.  "Hey everybody, grab your kids and come on over, FarmHer JILL is feeding us a smorgasbord.  Today she is serving freshly planted tomato plants, sprinkled with  seeds of heirloom  Turk's Turban  and other yummy winter squash, and a gourmet salad topped with yellow gold zucchini sprouts."

I guess everyone had their fill, because this plant was left over after they chopped it to the ground.  All but 4 of the 30 plants were devoured.

This is what I found every 5 feet down the long winter squash rows.  They had dug out all the seed and eaten the green growth from inside the shell.  The sad thing is, I cannot replant.  My window,  of planting soon enough to get a harvest before frost, is shut.   Hopefully they don't find all the squash planted down at the farm. 

No amount of duct tape will solve this problem.  I am headed to town to buy some live traps and a little box or two of lead poison.


  1. *waves goodbye to Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.*

  2. We're kinda waiting for the humidity to come up bit. Then you can expect gunfire from our place as we go after the rabbits and the chislers.