Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, June 21, 2012

JillyBean's Farm volume l

Have ya ever been standing in the grocery store check-out line and observed the magazine rack?  There are many magazines published by celebrities featuring a picture of them on every cover every month.  I always wanted my YARD and farm to be featured in a magazine, but I live in the sand dunes and sagebrush so my yard is not magazine material.  Really it's not that bad, but it is a struggle trying to keep it like I want it.  So, I decided to do my own magazine article about my yard and farm with my picture on the front cover.  I am a bit self-conscious so the front cover would look something like this: 

Then you would see before and after pictures showing a beautiful transformation of dirt and de-brie into a Paradise.  Well I haven't any before pictures (Wish I did), and I don't have any after (it is still in progress), but I do have some NOW pictures.

As you pull into our yard  you see a bright yellow picnic table. ( We eat out-side all summer.)  With a chandelier dangling from a tree branch over-head.

As you look a little further you spy bright green chairs and what is that?  It looks like a dining room hutch.  Nope- guess again, it is a gun cabinet re-cycled into a outdoor whats-it.   This has been sitting in my drive-way, er------ out-door dining room------ for the past 7 years.   It has dishes, paintings and glass bottles inside.   Carver spent a whole day painting it.  I LOVE it!


Glen made this table about 40 years ago as a teenager.  It is held together with matching yellow baling twine.

Another project of Glen's is the bench that folds down into a picnic table.  I made the green chair seat.  Just put a couple of boards across 2 matching wooden chairs and then painted it.

The pictures above are just in the drive-way.  In the next volume I will show you what's beyond the BLUE door.

Note:  last night, Sat. 23 a new CSA member came to the farm for her first pick-up and commented that my yard looked like something in a magazine.  Thanks Stephanie, you made my day----week!!!

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  1. Oh man Jill, I love that door! Wouldn't a "blue door" be fun as my fireplace screen?