Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Friday, June 15, 2012

Radish Report/ CSA Delivery

It's been a productive week.  The gardens are in------just about.  Re-planting tomatoes at the farm instead of the house, the chipmunks haven't been any trouble there.  Just the jack-rabbits,  and  the cotton-tails, annnnnnd the gophers, annnnnnd the chizzlers, but we have the perimeter fenced now and that should at least take care of the rabbits,  unless we fenced  them in un-knowingly.  I ended up re- planting 4th of July tomatoes instead of all the Heirlooms -- -ya the chipmunks got ALL the heirlooms.  I have grown the 4th of July for many years.  It is a tomato that will produce for me in my short season.  It is very prolific and the green tomatoes are just the right size for pickling.

Two nights now  without frost and things have really taken a jump.  Next week we should have our tables full of the mixed greens everyone asks for. We will have a few this week, but get there early they sell fast.

The winner of the awesome ugly market bag is Terrie H.  If you will please e mail me I'll get that sent out to you.  I felt very bad about it being sooooooo ugly that I am also sending along this beautiful hat band for you  to wear to the neighborhood TEA PARTY.


                             It is peach chiffon with linen hand-turned roses and vintage beaded lace.

                                     If anyone is interested in a custom hat-band just e-mail me.


CSA Delivery

 Full Share                     1/2 Share

6 Tomatoes                                 3 Tomatoes
2 European Cukes                       1 European Cuke
Spinach                                        Spinach
Mixed Greens                              Carrots
Carrots                                         Onions
Onions                                          1 Zucchini
2 Zucchini                                     1 Yellow Squash
1 Yellow Squash                           Peas- maybe
Peas- maybe                                  Garlic

Fruit this week is apricots.

And the best news for the Radish Report is ------NO FLAT TIRES this week!

c/ya at MARKET

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