Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, June 7, 2012


It has been almost a week, but am back in running order.  I know, I know you thought I had skipped away on a little cruise to the Bahamas, or an all exclusive 5 day spa treatment where they tried all week to get the dirt out from under my fingernails.  No, nothing as glamorous as that for this farm girl, just a minor mis-hap.--------  I watered my computer along with the spinach.--------    You see, I was doing some work at the farm office ( 3 straw bales stacked just so) I turned off my computer--luckily-- and placed it behind a bale out of the sun---but the lid was up.  I went about my puttering for a few hours and then changed the water and there was just enough wind that the water spray reached the computer-----so it has been drying out the past few days. 

Well, as you know I have an over abundance of eggs here at the house and to remedy some of the excess we have been making GERMAN PANCAKES.  Jake is a good little baker and made this for our brunch the other day.


When the pancake is pulled out of the oven the sides will be tall and then gradually fold over as it cools.

Serve with home-made blueberry syrup and a scoop of organic home-made goat yogurt or at least a good organic french vanilla yogurt .

To make the German Pancakes I use a round cast-iron, enamel coated pan.  You could also use a large round cast-iron skillet or I  have even used a square glass casserole dish, but I like the results of using a round pan.  I have only made this with farm-fresh eggs so I don't know if rises as well with store bought eggs.

                                                             GERMAN PANCAKES

In a 400-450 degree oven melt 1/2 cube of real butter in the bottom of the pan, watch carefully and do not scorch the butter.. In a separate bowl beat 12 eggs,  add 1 cup organic whole milk, and 1 cup flour.  Beat until well blended.   Pour into pan with melted butter.  Bake  until peaks are crispy brown.  About 20-25 minutes.


  1. Thanks Jill, Shelly taught me how to make that a few years ago but I'd forgotten all about it ha ha. I'll have to try it again now with my "Fresh" eggs. I love your mustang painting! Glad your computer dried out ok.

  2. Excellent! These have been on my to-make list for a while and now that I have extra eggs this week, I know exactly how I'll be using them.

  3. I love German Pancakes! My family, on the other hand, does not, so I rarely make them. (The sides do puff up with 'those other' eggs.)