Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Friday, June 1, 2012

Radish Report/ CSA Delivery

ice crystals--aren't they beautiful

Well, I  think this picture just about describes how my week has been.  Lots of covering and hoping the plants survive.  I wish I had a better camera because they really are beautiful.  The frost Wednesday morning took out several tomato plants from the cold-frame.  Yes, this is typical weather for us.  Just wait til I show you frost pictures in JULY and AUGUST!

                        Thursday morning (May 31) this is what I found out by the far west hydrant

                                                            yip, they are ICE- CICLES

                                      So  I put the boys to work making some more cold-frames.  

                                                         Notice it is a 2 coat kind of day

                                           but it did eventually warm up to a one coat day

                                     Sure am glad I live in Southern Utah where it's WARM

Glen got a lot of tilling done so I can plant more potatoes.  Moved the tiller down to the house and I will begin tilling the notorious squash patch.  Should be able to plant all tenders,  beans, squash, etc. in a couple of weeks.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

zucchini                            Amount of veges and fruit will vary according to share size
yellow squash
green garlic

Thanks again Shelly for helping with this week's delivery.  It sure is nice to have a sister who lives in Southern Utah where it really is WARM

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