Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have been telling Glen for years I want a  glass greenhouse, made from recycled windows and odd bits and pieces of wood.   I have collected many pictures and drawn plans over the years, but he never got the gist of what I envisioned
                                                              (or needed, wanted)


my sister Trudy built her glass house complete with a wood burning stove to keep everything (plants and people) warm and toasty in the minus zero weather.  Late at night after her kids are all tucked in,  she and her husband go out to the glass house and build a fire to heat it through the night.  The heat absorbed from the sun during the day keeps it warm well after dark until the fire is built.

Over the holidays, one evening we were invited for tea.  She gathered flowers and herbs growing in the glass house, she  cold steeped them overnight and added cinnamon sticks and ginger.  We sat in the glass house cozy and warm.  Soft, flickering, candle light and  dancing flames from the fire dimly lit the leaves and our faces.  We talked til midnight, breathing the warm moist air, smelling  the earthy fragrance, and sipping flower tea.  It was Paradise!








I think I reeeeeaaaallllllllyyyyyy
a beautiful glass house tucked away in a hidden corner
 out of sight
filled with
bubbly fountains
goldfish swimming
tiny castles
hidden amoung the flower pots
 for the
dancing faeries.


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