Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, August 12, 2013

Elephant Garlic

Harvested the last of the Elephant Garlic from the greenhouse

the smaller bulbs will be for us to eat

the larger cloves will be kept for seed

Harvest garlic when the leaves have begun to turn yellow
use a shovel and dig out the garlic
spray off the dirt with a strong stream of water
bundle  the long stems and hang to dry.
Let cure for a couple of weeks and then trim off tops
 store in a dark , dry pantry or closet
replant large cloves of garlic in the fall

plant with the root side down

Elephant garlic will not survive in my cold winters so I plant it in the greenhouse
If you plant outdoors place 4 inches of compost or straw over top
garlic likes a loose, loam soil

new spring growth in the greenhouse

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