Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Road Trip (part 1)

Every year my sister and her family invite us to go to Wyoming to run the Snake River.  I have sent the kids and the husband along, but I always stayed behind to tend the farm and haul veges to market.  This year was an exception,  I bagged all my responsibilities and tagged along.

After traveling for 10 hours we reached our destination and set up Gypsy camp
by the beautiful Snake River

The next morning we got up early to travel on in to Yellowstone National Park

because I tagged along this trip,
(if you follow this blog, you know I can't go anywhere without breaking down)
SO....... of course
 we didn't make it far before we broke down.

Good thing I had snagged a whole pile of magazines at the local library
 for 10 cents each
just before the trip.
I pulled out my folding chair from the trunk and the stack of magazines  to read while my wonderful, can fix anything husband worked on the car.  I laughed right out loud when I read the cover of the one sitting at the top of the pile.........

The problem could easily be fixed.

We had blown a transmission hose and left this trail down the highway,
we didn't get far before we couldn't go any further
and pulled off in a pull off spot.
Hiked back to camp and caught the van just before my brother-in-law needed to pick up the river runners.  He towed us back and we borrowed this little red convertible  (brother-in-laws' sisters' car) to run back to the town about 10 miles away.  5 quarts of transmission fluid, a Hershey's with almond candy bar to share and we were good to go.
Flags were flying everywhere in the patriotic little town.  On our way back to camp an old 70's Chevy, short bed, step-side passed us going the opposite direction.  He had a large flag flying in the back of his truck.  I commented, "I wish I had my camera I would turn around and chase him down to get a picture.

Sat under a tree and read for just a few minutes while hubby fixed the car.  He quickly got it fixed and we all went back to camp.  My youngest son and I decided to test out the car and drive into Jackson Hole and snoop around in the many art galleries.  Jackson is a twenty mile drive from camp.  Half -way there I spied an old blue Chevy truck a couple of cars back.  Yep, it was the one with the flag. 
  Today is my lucky day! 
 Now, how do I get a picture of it?   If I pull off the road, it will pass before I can get my camera and take a picture.  If I slow down there isn't any dotted line to have cars pass me so what do I do?  As I was figuring out how I could get a picture, I was stopped in line for road construction.  While slowing to a stop I thought I could just hop out of the car and run and ask if I could take a picture.  Keeping a sharp eye on the old truck I didn't notice the road  that forked off directly to my right.  The truck slowed in line behind me, and then veered to the right as he came to the road.  I grabbed my camera and snapped this shot.


what are the odd's of that happening? 

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