Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, August 8, 2013

WHAT is it?

Here's your first hint

Look closely

have ya got it figured out?

Yep, it's an old 54' Chevy.  I know you are a thinkin',  "Ole FarmHer  JILL has bought herself  ANOTHER old truck.  What on earth does she need another one for?"

Well, add a tarp and..........
fill it with water

and you have yourself a gen-u-ine
swimmin' pool

it actually belongs to my neighbor
but I had to take a picture and show y'all
now I'm a lookin' for a pool of my own,
 I've been usin' the horse trough
(add a propane burner underneath and it makes a mighty fine spa)
.........however I'm sure it's not real safe.......
but this has a lot more class!
went to town today to get a battery
for the old 72' ford pick-up
that has been sitting out in the backyard without being used
the last couple of years
if it won't start, guess I've got myself a new pool!

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