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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Planting by the MOON

                                For those of us who recognize the influence the moon has on our gardens,
         here is a simple, basic guide.


Just after the full moon, in the waxing gibbous, is a good time to transplant seedlings.  It is a time of increased root growth, the plant will put it's energy into growing a stronger root to support the vegetation above ground.

Plant chard and other leafy greens in the first quarter of the moon

Planting by the moon can be very daunting if you try to plant according the best date; incorporating time zones,  Zodiac Signs (water, earth, fire, air) fertile or barren, and don't forget NEVER plant on a Sunday or when the moon is in transition. 

Planting Simplified
 When the Moon is Waxing ( growing larger)
 1st Quarter: plant vegetables that produce leafy greens and form seeds outside the plant
2nd Quarter: plant  above ground vegetables that produce their seeds within the plant
When the Moon is Waning (becoming smaller)
3rd Quarter: Plant root crops
4th Quarter is a resting period this is a good time for tilling and weeding

 an earlier post about planting potatoes according to the waning moon

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another post about the Blue Moon that only happens every few years

                                                               BLUE MOON

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