Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Friday, October 3, 2014

On our Way to the ART FESTIVAL

We loaded up all my art supplies and enough provisions for a couple of weeks. Got up early (as usual) and left at 4:00 a.m. the following morning.

Arrived at the camp grounds late in the afternoon.
Made a lot of stops taking pictures of the beautiful scenery (prior post).
Thankfully there was a camping spot available and my husband
skillfully back "Gypsy Rose" into the tiny spot.

Camped by the beautiful Wide Hollow Reservoir
just west of Escalante in the Petrified Forest State Park.
Hundreds of Canadian Geese, spending a few days resting on the pond, serenaded us every night.

Early every morning as I headed out to paint, I had to wait for the wild Turkeys
 to decide which side of the road they wanted to eat from. 
 It reminded me of one of my favorite childhood story books,
"Make way for Ducklings"

A quaint little rock shop along side the road

One day as I was out painting, I discovered a Bear near the campsite

and if one bear isn't enough, I found this one just a short distance from the first,
ironically they are in the same group of rocks!
(look closely, can you find them?)

Painting from morning til dark in the beautiful outdoors, surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth.  Conversations with like minded, artistic, eccentric, people and making great friends  (Linda, Lois, Penny, Peggy, Marsha, and Blaine) made for a wonderful week.
The forest service provided many informative discussions and presentations.
I observed demonstrations by renowned Plein Air painters; Brad Holt, Doug Braithwaite,
 and Valerie Orelman.

I bought a book by Edward Abbey
"Desert Solitude" 
at the gift store in the Visitors Center (my dog-eared copy is currently sitting boxed away in a storage unit).  I first read this book years ago as a young girl just out of high school.  I related with the wandering spirit, living in the wild outdoors, and desire of solitude. 
 Kept this book close at hand along with my
 John James Audubon writings and bird books, and the works of  Thoreau.

 I learned so much over the week, generally I have been a studio painter and painting in the great outdoors is different.  The play of light on surfaces is so fleeting, the colors changing right before your eyes, the sun intensifying every hue, and the silence, the silence is full of life, color, beauty and wonder. 
 This experience has opened the door, to the great outdoors, and a new adventure in painting.
  I have a lot of practicing to do, and new techniques to learn, apply, and hopefully master. 
I can hardly wait for next years Festival!

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