Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

JillyBean's Farm Volume II

                                   BEYOND THE BLUE DOOR

                                                     Volume two of JillyBean's Farm

                                        would of course have a picture of me on the front cover,
                          but remember I am a bit self-conscious about getting my photo taken
                               so the cover would look something like this......... I am wearing my
                                              favorite pair of cut-off work pants and my sturdy
                                                          square toed boots from the 70's

                                                           Directly north of the driveway
                                               at the little red house is a stately BLUE door.
                                  This door frames the most beautiful view, and usually a lovely
                                                                    1 acre garden,

                                                     but alas, the critters have eaten it all so
                                                 I have allowed the weeds fill in the tilled soil.

hinge on the garden gate

                                                                    They thank me by
                                     growing blossoms that feed the bees and hummingbirds.


I am not sure of the name of this weed.  It smells as awful as it is beautiful.

I have just always called it stink weed. 


                                  the view
                        beyond the blue door

                                            look under jillybean's farm tag for more volumes

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