Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, August 6, 2012

OH HAIL....the saga continues

Tuesday during the hail storm I received a call asking if a photographer could come out to the farm on Thursday evening and take pictures for a Documentary he was working on about small farms in Utah.  I was only getting bits and pieces of the conversation because the storm was interfering with the reception.  Sure I said, not knowing at that time the extension of the damage done to the crops.  The next morning however as I surveyed the pathetic lettuce beds I thought, (OH HAIL) "Just my luck, been doing this 20 years and the first time it NEEDS to look amazing I get wiped out by a HAIL storm."  Not only was the garden a mess, but the house was a disaster also.  You see, we are remodeling the one and only bathroom and the only bedroom.... (we call it the little red house for a reason) all the stuff from the bedroom is in the only other room in the house,( that is the main living area). Don't forget the floods, we had pulled all the dishes out of the old cabinet, and scooted the cabinet away from the wall so the wood floor could dry out.    It sat in the middle of our 7 foot square dining area and the table was pushed up against the fridge,  all the dishes were piled on the table, and any available room on the floor.
                                       It looked as if our house had been ransacked.
                                                               O.K......deep breath.......
 We can have this sorted out by Thursday afternoon, and semi put back together.The next day at Market in Cedar City, on Wednesday afternoon, I met Brent Rowland.  He is a writer, a photographer, an artist, and a really nice guy.  He asks if he can come over in the  morning........yes, I said morning........I said that would be great and we set a time for 7:30.  And to add to my already disarray, I invited him to stay for lunch and I would fix him STUFFED SQUASH BLOSSOMS, our families' traditional summer food.  He had another farm to photograph after mine and said he would be glad to come back and stay for lunch. Got home from market around 9:00 p.m., told the boys they would be up at 4:30 helping me get the house put back together.  They were over-joyed.
Bright and early we began moving furniture back into the (unfinished) bedroom, trying to make some headway on the dish cupboard, but Jake and I got a little sidetracked "arranging", we had to make sure things matched and all the tea pots were in the right place,

                                                (  Everything had to be put back just----so--)

 and that the prettiest dishes were in the top of the cupboard and not in the bottom, and did this lid go with that set, or do we have all the cups and saucers that go with this set?  Anyway, we had to leave dishes stacked all over the room and get to the farm to do some last minute clean-up of the garden.  Brent got a wee bit lost which gave us an extra half hour.   WHEW!  We had a great time.  I hope he was able to get some good shots of the garden.  He left to go to the four country gals and we hurried back down to the house and started lunch, and trying to find the bottom of the living room.  Brent specifically wanted to photograph my corner office in the sun room so we added that to our list of things to get done in 90 minutes!

Between frantic re- arranging I made a wild rice and black bean pilaf with fresh picked, steamed broccoli.  Chicken spinach wraps featuring Shelly's grapes and lettuce I managed to find in the garden.  Sliced an Armenian cucumber I got from Ben and served small cherry tomatoes on the side.  When he arrived I quickly stuffed the squash blossoms with a quick set goat cheese seasoned with fresh sage that I had made early, EARLY, EARLY that morning.  Dipped them in batter and fried them in olive oil. (I'll do a post about them later). The house got put back together in a presentable fashion (excepts for the dishes still piled on the table), but that would be alright we would eat outside in the driveway. We ate, swatted away flies, and enjoyed the good food, great company, beautiful weather, and the beauty around us.  Brent, if you read this I hope your project gets published, and your goals and dream are met.  I am chalking up the day as another

                                                  PERFECT DAY!.

This old cupboard was in a shed at Glen's house when he was young.  One day his dad asked Glen if he would help load it in the truck so they could haul it to the dump........GASP............ fortunately I over-heard the conversation, offered to go get our truck and haul it away to our house.  I added old windows and some shelving.  I still need to Mosaic the top

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