Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Radish Report/CSA delivery/RECIPES

Got a bit side-tracked lately with all the tilling and planting for a fall harvest.  CSA shares for
August  4th,   included:

Full Share:

About 10 pounds of tomatoes
A huge 8 ball squash that I re-named "bowling ball" squash for marinating and grilling.  You might try this; after grilling  add some pizza sauce and cheese, place under the broiler until cheese is melted and you have a tasty zucchini pizza.

summer squash-- all you wanted ( patty pan, yellow sunburst, green and yellow eight ball, straight yellow, zucchini )
head of Broccoli
Armenian Cucumber
3 slicing cucumbers
a bundle of 10 or more Beets
large 10 oz. bag of Greens,  you mix your own,  (beet greens, red romaine, green romaine, red oak, flame, green oak, ruby red, curly mustard, red mustard,)
Broccoli leaf  (see recipe below)

Fruit Share:
 yellow peaches
 white peaches

Many of you have asked about how to cook the beets.  You need to wash beets extremely  well especially where the leaves meet the root bulb.  NEVER peel a beet------well I guess if you want to----- but I never do.  You may steam or boil them.  Leave the leaves attached.   Top with real butter and a splash of vinegar, or lemon juice.  Loro suggested rice vinegar, she said it was a lot better that way.  Thanks Loro I'm going to try your suggestion.

Here's my favorite way.....ROASTED........... again do not peel.  Just cut the leaves off leaving about an inch attached.  I leave the root on also cause it gets crunchy.  YUM.  Now put them in a big bowl and add baby carrots, the new potatoes in your share, onions, peppers or whatever root crops you may have.  Cut into similar sizes if needed.  Cover with olive oil and season with salt and seasoning of choice.  See an earlier post, A Perfect Day, for directions. 

                                                                         The beet leaves are torn from the hail, but the roots are very tender and tasty


Many of you already make kale chips and the same principal applies to broccoli.  Cut into 2 inch squares, add just enough olive oil to cover and season.  ( use sea salt, herbs and spices, maybe even a sprinkling of Parmesan Cheese).  Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 8 mins.  Some people bake at a lower temp for a longer period of time.

I'll share more recipes when I have a little more time.  Got to run there are a KAZILLION things to get done today.  Thanks for letting me be your farmer.  I'm happiest when I am out puttering in the dirt!

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