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Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Remember back when" they" said---who are they anyway----  don't eat eggs you'll get clogged arteries,  your heart can't take more than 2 eggs a week,  your cholesterol levels will go through the roof if you eat more than two a week.
And if you do insist on eating an egg,
that's like having brownies (made with 4 eggs, including the yolks, and real butter)
without any NUTS!
Well, I threw caution to the wind (I like living dangerously) and ignored "their"----who are they anyway-----advice and happily consumed an undisclosed amount of eggs a week.  We don't eat cold cereal at our house, never have never will,  so what shall we have for breakfast?  Sometimes it is new boiled potatoes, smush with raisins, home-made left over what's in the cupboard or clean out the fridge soup, but generally it consists of eggs cooked in one way or another.
fried eggs
sunny side up-sunny side down
over easy-over hard
boiled eggs
boiled 2 minutes, boiled 4 minutes
turn the burner off and let them sit for 10 minutes
boil them until the water is gone and you smell something burning
egg salad sandwich on home made  bread--yum
scrambled eggs
toad in the hole
omelet in a bag
omelet filled with enough bad stuff to give you a heart attack
 scrambled eggs with steamed squash and cream cheese all mixed together
looks awful, tastes wonderful
eggs this way
eggs that way
oh ya, and how about eggs for supper even if ya had em' for breakfast
it's a wonder according to them---who are they anyway----
that I have even made it an undisclosed number
years past the half century mark
that my cholesterol levels are not through the roof
that my arteries will even let the blood get
to my ate to many eggs heart
I will say this however
maybe the tasteless, store bought,
over processed, over medicated, antibiotic filled,
eggs might bring on a heart attack
but not the good home grown, hormone free,
worm and bug eating chicken eggs
just my opinion------I'm not a doctor---just a grow your own food kinda gal-----
 a poached egg has got to be my favorite
is their a secret to making a good poached egg?
YIP, but I don't know what it is
believe me I have tried everything--------
use a fresh, just laid egg,
use a 3 day old egg brought to room temperature
Warming it under your armpit hurries up the process if you forgot to get up during the night to get the eggs out of the fridge so they would be at room temperature when you were ready to cook breakfast.
 a note from my own personal experience---just don't forget you have a raw egg under your arm
use only green eggs that were laid with the small end pointing north (that is my own advice)
add vinegar and salt to the water before it boils
no, add it as soon as the water boils, no wait until it boils 1 minute
then add the salt first and then the vinegar
so here is my suggestion of
Here is the way I poach an egg.  Most of the time it turns out, but most times it doesn't.
Crack an egg onto a small un-cracked, un-chipped saucer, the prettiest one you have

slowly, but quickly, slide, drop or pour it into a pan of boiling water, but not boiling very much, or maybe turned down from a rolling boil, or a bubbly simmer---take your choice
I added vinegar and garlic salt to the water  you could add just regular salt, maybe that would make a difference--seriously not to much vinegar it will flavor the egg

the eggs will sink to the bottom and raise up to the surface as they cook.
sorry the steam fogged my lens
sometimes scooping the white back around the yolk with a large metal, or is it a wooden spoon helps the egg
maintain an egg shape
sometimes it doesn't help at all
cook 2 minutes for soft poached
4 to 6 minutes for a firmer yolk

serve with home grown veges and fruit to off set the artery clogging properties of the egg
If you know the secret to a perfectly poached egg EVERY TIME please leave a comment and let us all in on the secret!

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