Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, August 2, 2012

sunset August 2

Sorry, just couldn't let this beautiful sun set go to waste on just a few folks .   Wish I would of had my camera last night it was even better than this.  It was fire orange instead of yellow.  I was on my way home from farmer's market and observed it changing colors all the way home.  I passed several cars pulled off the road taking pictures.  They were lucky to have their camera's with them.

This is the reflection in the clouds in the eastern sky...........................

 um, what on earth is that? 

 I get this question ALL the time.    I am an artist, and a bit odd, and I do things...... just because......... so I usually just shrug my shoulders and give some answer like, " It is a bulb tree, or I like the way the sun shines through the colored glass".  Well, early this summer as I was out working and as the day got warmer, I took off my jacket.   I looked around for a place to put it so I wouldn't forget to take it home.  There was a perfect little branch, just the right height half-way up the bulb tree so I hung my jacket there.  Now I can tell people, who don't understand us quirky, eccentric, imaginary, people that " It is a COAT RACK!"

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  1. Thank You sooo much for your post! You just saved me a 6 hour round trip from Vegas to water my trees!!!