Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, March 18, 2013


The last time I was down at the farm
it was snowing.  I threw on my old, heavy work coat and 
 stuck my hands in my pockets to keep them warm. 
This is what I found in my pocket:
metal buttons of various sizes,
an "ugly" rock....hum, I usually pick up the ones that have a variety of colors and
 interesting shapes so I can put them in the thick glass,  rock collection jar.
A real glass, vintage crystal from one of my chandeliers.
Nails, screws, and one ear plug,
and something I have in about every pocket I own,
bits and pieces of seed packets.
I carried around a hand- pieced quilt square for the longest time,
never could figure out why it was in my coat pocket.
 I don't know what happened to it,
now I will need to make one more to have enough for the quilt.
Made me think about the "good ole days"
I reminisced of the many things I have carried around in my pockets over the years.
Tucked into my shirt pocket you would often find
the small water snakes from McGregor's pond wouldn't climb out
 like the blow snakes would

horned toads

In my bib-overall pockets would be:
bits of rope,
bent, twisted, pieces of wood to whittle on
a small, single bladed, bright yellow pocket knife to do the whittlin' with.
Always had a piece or two of balin' wire
you could fix anything if you had a piece of balin' wire,
and also used it to unplug the nozzles of the hand sprinkler lines when they filled with dirt.
Broken pieces of thick, colored glass -purple, blue and green- to look at the sun through.
(probably not a wise idea)
 A big chunk of clear, salt rock I'd busted off the large chunk of salt rock out in the cow pasture to munch on.
(probably not very sanitary)
A sling that was made from the tongue of an old leather shoe and it's long leather laces.
(oh, the stories I could tell)
Aren't pockets a wonderful invention.

1 comment:

  1. Yes they are. But where are your pennies, and safety pins?
    I never had a snake in mine. Nor will I. A least I don't think I will. The worst are eggs from the coop, that some how get forgotten before they come inside, and get smashed. Yuckie mess in a pocket for sure! I wish YOUR purple crystal was in MY apron pocket at this moment! :-)