Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Garden Journal

Every year I keep track of my gardens in a journal of some-sorts.  Papers ripped from a notebook and held together with zip-tyes,  a photo album, or art sketch books from the store.  This is my journal for 2013.  An old linen dress I cut up and embellished with odd bits and pieces of lace, and satin from a vintage wedding dress.  Tassels to tye it closed.    

Slipped cardboard into the front and back covers then sewed around the edges
 tea stained heavy art paper to use as the pages
bound the pages to the finished cover with dental floss and a strong tapestry needle

  water colored flowers, favorite words and quotes on the pages

Now paste empty seed packets, draw plans for crops, the weather, add your thoughts, success and failures of plants.  Animal births and sales, goals, have friends who visit your garden write their observations or thoughts and bits of wisdom.
insert from 2010 journal

Share your ideas about a Garden Journal with us.  Have you used anything unusual, beautiful, or unique?


  1. How pretty!

    I'm not the gardener.....( well actually, I am the Gardner
    but I don't garden :-)
    Gary so should keep some type of a garden journal from year to year. He bows an awesome garden, and we all enjoy the fruits of his labors.
    Letter M huh. I'm guessing there is a children's book out there I should be reading.
    Still in love with your new boots?

    1. It's a great book "Eppie M Says". I do so looooove my new to me, lace-up cowboy boots. I wore them the other day under my pink fringed skirt. Yee-haw!

  2. I've never kept a garden journal but record what's been happening on my blog. You have inspired me. I've recently started keeping an art journal with ideas for future paintings, projects etc so maybe I should combine the two.... or make a special book just for the garden.