Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gardening in Utah

Utah has many growing zones
that's Beryl, the purple circle in the southwest corner
says we are zone 5 but everything I plant suitable for zone 5 winter kills
we can't even get lilacs to bloom here.  Fruit trees, people don't even bother to plant because they never blossom enabling them to bear fruit
No we are defiantly a zone 3 here at the farm
Well, supposedly it's spring.  Glen and I zipped down to the farm yesterday, we traveled several hours in a snow blizzard, I'm at the farm right now it's 9:00 a.m. about 10 degrees with a cold 25-30 mile hour wind from the north.  I was hoping to get a little gardening prep done before heading to sunny St. George for Glen's school meetings tomorrow thru Wednesday.
supposedly we are zone 5
Here's the list of thing I hope to get done today
goats hooves trimmed
sheep sheared
green house tilled and planted
tumbleweeds removed from the front yard
kidding pens built
fire-wood cut and hauled
new battery installed in the expedition so we can take the attached trailer
 full of old antique doors and wood siding we removed from an old house headed for demolition
 a couple of months ago and unload it around back
But it's too cold and windy so I changed my plans---
get done today:
go back to the house and have lunch
 in the sun room where it's nice and warm
 then, sit by the cozy warm fire and read a gardening magazine
or card and spin some wool 
maybe I'll get ambitious and do some spring cleaning
in the house----maybe not
or work on some unfinished remodeling projects
that's one thing about gardening in Utah
the spring weather is always unpredictable
PROGRESS REPORT:   Just wanted to say we did get the vehicle running so we could get the trailer unloaded, the goats' hooves trimmed, a remodel project done---an antique door fitted and hung, and hauled some wood.  So much for sitting by the cozy warm fire reading a magazine.


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