Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Friday, March 1, 2013


Roasted garlic spread over a thick slice of homemade wheat bread that has been toasted
 golden brown
 on a cast iron griddle in olive oil........
 topped with a sliced heirloom tomatoe
seasoned with herbed sea salt
and chopped, fresh basil sprinkled over-top
served along-side fresh farmstand cheese
and sliced un-peeled cucumbers still warm from the garden
one of my favorite summer meals
To make quick and easy roasted garlic, cut the top of the entire bulb off.  Do not peel just drop the bulb into a ceramic mug,  root side down, drizzle olive oil over top and put in the microwave
for 45 seconds

 Squeeze out the cloves into a dish or plate and smash with a fork
or just munch on the cloves seasoned with SALT
for a tasty treat
it's not spring yet, however the garlic is peeking through in the greenhouse
so are the weeds
the hens will enjoy the weeds, they are nutrious
green feed during the winter months

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