Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, April 15, 2013


Here is the third volume of my farm magazine.  If you have been following me the past couple of years you will know I always wanted my yard to be in a magazine, but because I live out in the middle of now-where in the high dessert, and my yard is nothing fancy, my yard will never grace the pages of a reputable publication.

  So I decided to write my own , featuring the things I find beautiful and interesting in my yard at the Little Red House.  As always I will have a picture of me on the front cover, but I am a bit camera shy so the cover would look something like this.

my cherry red 1963 ford step-side pick-up
"Red Freddy Ford" we affectionately
call him

In this issue
                                                        I would take you for a stroll down
                           a secret path that leads you  around a corner and on to the herb garden

We'd walk through the herbs gathering bits of this and that to make
 a lovely herbal and flower tea
nasturtiumns would be gathered to add a dash of
color in our freshly harvested lettuce salad
 that we'd have
 along with tiny cucumber sandwiches
and dilly beans
sitting at a lace covered table
in a cove of trees
The beauty of this red Geranium in a window flower box
would inspire us to set up an easel, and our paints

and paint a quick sketch to remind you of a beautiful day
spent in the garden among the flowers, bees, the scent of herbs,
and the company of good friends


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