Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, April 22, 2013

Keep the shoes we'll take the box

"Keep the shoes, we'll take the box"
is what my dad would tell the shoe sales-man whenever I needed a new pair of shoes.  You see, my feet are as wide as they are long......I am serious.  Finding shoes to fit me was impossible when I was young.   So in order to have something to wear other than shoe boxes, or Kleenex boxes ( they already have a hole cut in the top and come in prettier colors) I always buy my, somebody else broke them in, worn and stretched, two or three sizes to big, boots from the thrift store. 
 Yes, I even wear men's boots to church.
The pair above was a recent score at the local thrift store
I actually have quite the collection of men's boots, but these are my favorite. 
retro boots from the seventies, had a pair like this when I was in High School
This pair is waiting for me at the farm.  I'll wear them while I am trudging behind the hand-tiller,
and they will protect my feet while I am shearing sheep. They will deflect  the sharp spiky thorns from a kazillion tumble weeds as I walk down the lane to the farm.
They smash rodents with a single stomp and don't mind getting covered in mud.  They would gladly tromp on stink bugs if I would let them, and they are always ready for an adventure.
Don't know what I'm going to do when they wear out.......
I think
 I'll just have to retire.

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