Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Saturday, April 13, 2013



                                you will notice a transformation within days, maybe even minutes

my own children were used in this research,
 no innocent neighborhood children were
forced to eat Brussels sprouts

                                            you may no longer need your Clark Kent glasses

you will become efficient at Math, Algebra, Physics, Spelinng, Calculus,

my straight A,  4.0 Senior
but because he eats his fruits and veges,
 the girls think he's a 10.0

disclaimer:   you may not have the same results

 no more broccoli for you son
O.K. maybe we can't quite guarantee these results, but I will guarantee.........
  But wait.......I have to start at the beginning.
It all began when I had an appointment to get a broken tooth fixed.  My dentist lives in Price and in order to get to Price you have to go over the notorious Indian Canyon Pass.  (remember the broken down Burbanator).  Well, we had had the most beautiful spring weather for the past two week and then Monday night the blizzard blew in.  My appointment was at 10:00 a.m.  Tuesday morning.  In order to make it on time I would have to leave the house by 8:00 on a good day.  I waited till just a little after 8:00 hoping the weather would warm up so we (me and good ole Wilma, the car) might not have snow and ice covered roads to travel.  Well by the time I hit Duchesne, there was a good 10 inches of snow.  I thought about turning around and heading back home right then and there, I am either really, really brave or really, really, stupid and
I decided to pursue onward.  I stopped to fill up with gas because if I was going to slide off the cliff as I went over the pass I wanted to be able to at least keep warm until someone found me.  Handing the clerk $25.00 for gas I asked her if she knew how the road conditions were going over Indian Canyon.  She asked what gas pump I was on and glanced out the window when I answered #3.
"Are you in that car?' she asked giving me a look of disbelief.  "I wouldn't go over that pass unless I had a good 4 wheel drive, actually I wouldn't go over that pass at all today."
She also said all the roads are iced up and snowy.
Walked back out to where Wilma was waiting, filled her up with gas and asked her if she was up for the challenge.
Her dented door screeched as I opened it, and unhesitatingly, she said "YOU BETCHA-YA!" 
So off we went, Wilma and I,  slip slidin through snow and slush.   I drive in the snow a lot and thought the roads weren't that bad, but when I came upon the flashing lights that said to chain-up I got a little apprehensive.  Do I turn around now, I've been on the road over an hour.  No, I'm half way there we'll keep going.  You see, I had to go to Walmart and pick up some thing for my boys' Prom Dates.  They had tracked down a couple of second-hand, black tail-tuxs' to wear and scored some nice slacks at the thrift store.  They wanted a stripe of glossy ribbon sewn down the outside pant-leg that would match the color of the dress their date was wearing and the purchased vest and bow-tie they had ordered to match the dress.  Blue and Pink.  I also needed to pick up some co2 tanks and paint for the paint ball guns for their day dates before the Prom.  I really needed to forge onto Price because I needed the items by Saturday, and if I didn't go today, I would have to take another day and travel to Vernal in an entirely different direction to pick up the items.  So Wilma and I pressed on.  Not very much traffic on the roads, everyone had sense enough to stay home........
We finally made it to the top and started the descent down.  This is where it gets kinda tricky.  I shifted into low gear and would apply the brakes to try not to go down the steep grade too fast, but with those anti lock brakes, they wouldn't let me slow down much and I would just keep sliding closer and closer to the edge and long drop-off. At this point I know that I'm not brave, just plain don't have a lick of sense in my head.  We crawled down the mountain and finally made it to Price.  Dr. Olsen, giving me a look of disbelief said, "Why did you go over the canyon, you should of called and rescheduled." 
Well, I needed fancy blue and pink ribbon, co2 cartridges, and paint balls, just didn't seemed like a good enough answer to risk my life for so I just smiled, or tried too with one half of my face numb. 
Got the tooth fixed.......
Hit the thrift store and then on to Walmart to get the fancy blue and pink ribbon and the co2 cartridges for the paint ball guns.
Found just the right colors to match their vests, bought 3 yard of each color so I would have enough and not have to run to town to buy more.  Bought supplies needed to feed 2 teenage boys, loaded the sacks in my cart, unloaded the cart into the car and headed home.  The roads were clear and I made it home without a hitch.  Unloaded the car and began to put things away.  After the sacks were empty, there wasn't a pretty blue or pink ribbon and co2cartdgriges to be found anywhere!!!!!  I went back out to the car, nope, NO sack filled with ribbon or cartridges.
Called Walmart and asked if my bag of ribbon was still at the store.  YEP, it sure was.  I said,  " I live 2 hours away (3 if it's snowing) and need the ribbon by Saturday, " can you load a credit on a card for the tanks (they are very costly), stick the glossy blue and pink ribbon and card  in an envelope and send it to me?  It is too far away to travel back to get them".  " NO," they replied,"  we will hold the bag for you and if you will bring your receipt back you can pick it up, BUT NOT without the receipt  even if you just called and we found the bag, you have to have your receipt in order to pick up the items.".......Hum  I think I have it somewhere.  But it got me to thinking about how I want to treat my customers.
If you purchase anything from us and are dissatisfied we will kindly replace it.  If you feel the Arugula is too spicy we can trade it for an item of equal value, but lesser flavor.  If the cucumber is bitter, throw it in the compost heap and let me know, I'll gladly replace it with another one.
If you leave your purchase with us to put in the cooler while you visit other booths and you forget to pick it up when you leave, we will not make you drive all the way out to the farm to pick it up.  Just get a new bag of produce from us the next week and you don't need a receipt,
 but you do need to remember what you bought,
 cause I never will.
Happy customers eating delicious veges is our goal.

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