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Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marigolds/ Calendula

the humble marigold
should be a staple in everyones' garden
it attracts harmful nematodes to it's own roots and away from your plants
some say it works and some say it doesn't, but either way it is
a bright happy flower standing sentry around the
garden perimeter
it can be fed to chickens to deepen the color of the egg yolks
it can be used for dye
the species
or pot-marigold
 is a tasty addition to fresh salads,
add the petals to rice dishes
sprinkle them over scrambled eggs
and it makes a calming tea
 Calendula can be made into a soothing salve used for healing and minor burns
it is good for chapped lips
diaper rash 
to make the healing salve:
steep on low,
 1 cup  fresh Calendula petals tyed in cheesecloth
 in 1 cup oil for 4 hours do not burn!
try using a small crock-pot on the warm setting
add 4-6 tbs. beeswax
20 drops of lavender oil
(note:  for some the lavender oil may cause skin irritation,
 but it is a good anti-viral and anti-bacterial)
pour into small jelly jars
do not place the lids on until it has throughly cooled
 so excess moisture can escape
for a lip balm
use 1/8 cup of the above recipe
 add 1-2 tbs. more beeswax
 2 capsules of vitamin E
 and pour into a small jar or empty lip balm cases
(try coloring this lip balm with kool-aid, just add a small amount of the packet  into the hot liquid and stir until dissolved, keep adding until you get the desired color wanted)
 hand/facial cream
 I leave out the lavender oil and add a little more beeswax  to make it a thicker consistency. 
 add 5 capsules of vitamin E , 2 Tbs. solid coconut oil,  and a little honey
 This is especially good for sensitive skin.

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  1. I going to try planting these around our veggies. I do want to try the salve too. How are you doing down there? Are you sister on the fly dreamin?
    Take care.