Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Straight Line

Everyone knows that the shortest distance from point A to point B is a straight line, that is except for mom (myself) who insisted that her boys walk out the front door, down two steps and turn left.  Now follow the path around the rock garden 
out through the gate
 turn right and walk past the hutch, and picnic table to the end of the driveway
Turn right again and walk along until you come to the lane on your left that goes to the farm. Actually the lane is straight across the lawn from the front door.  So boys being the wonderful boys that they are would head up to the farm to milk, weed, transplant trees, and cheerfully do whatever project mom had on her agenda, but no way were they going to walk all the way around  when they could just go straight across the lawn, hop the fence and be on their way.
 (mom still can't make a straight line)
So off we went to get a load of rocks to make a pathway across the trampled lawn,
 but after we made a path it opened a whole new can of worms.
"Let's make an Arbor" said the mother (me). "WE (meaning the boys) can bury cedar posts and cut out dead limbs from the elm trees
 to make a roof and sides, and go get more rocks for a large walkway."
And so the work began.
Steps were placed in the sand that the wind had blown in
 and the half buried wire fence cut away
post holes were dug and posts planted

 (these pictures were taken at the end of the summer last year)
Nearing completion.........
need more dead limbs for the roof and sides,
and another trip for rocks.
I have a chandelier to hang for lighting,
 and some solar lights by each post would be nice.
I would love to have grapes growing over it, but alas our weather
is to harsh and cold for concord grapes or ivy.
Any suggestions of a vine or perennial what would grow in about
 a zone 4 climate (1a in the western gardening zone) to cover the arbor? 

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