Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Recycle a jar

I purchased this jar of salsa at the dollar store.   It is approximately 4 inches tall and
3 inches in diameter.  After enjoying the salsa, not as good as home-made, but not bad for a buck, the jar was thoroughly cleaned and the label removed.

Using a soft sanding pad, remove the paint as desired.

Add a knob purchased from a hardware store or use one you have in the junk drawer.
The bolt that comes with the knob will need to be cut off shorter, or add washers to the bottom of the jar lid.  The bolt is much longer than needed because you are not going through the thickness of wood.  I would suggest just purchasing a shorter bolt that will fit the knob.  The cut ones won't thread on easily.

I have a whole row of these jars filled with dried herbs from the garden.
Use them in a craft room to fill with buttons, pins, and spools of thread.
Use smaller jars to contain beading supplies.
Place them in a bathroom filled with home-made bath salts, soaps and oils.
Add a cute label and your saved seeds from the garden.
Fill with dried fruit from your trees, or your favorite home-made muffin mix,
 or a dried soup mix made from your dried garden bounty.
 Tye a beautiful bow on it and give as a gift.
Fill it with something special like CHOCOLATE
or honey candy.
Next time you are procuring the grocery isles, think about what you can use that
 little jar of  pickled artichoke hearts for after you have eaten them.
Here's a thought, with Mother's Day in a few days, make a complete canister set using a large jar and progressively getting smaller jars. Buy jars that have the same color of lids if desiring a set to match , or spray paint the lids all the same color and add a beautiful knob.  Fill with staples for the pantry, or with her favorite treats or snacks.

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