Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Stump Collector?

We were parked at the gas pump waiting for the tank to fill.  A big 4 wheel drive, bright red truck pulled up to the pump aside of us. " Look mom, that lady is a stump collector too", my son quipped from the back seat pointing to the gnarled roots of a stump he could see sticking (no pun intended) out from above the side of the truck bed.  "What, do you mean by that?  Are you calling me a stump collector?" I asked.
"Ya mom, any time we go out into the mountains, after a load of wood you say, "We can't cut this stump up , it will look nice in the yard."  I had never thought of myself as a stump collector  before.  Isn't it funny the way your kids perceive you.  A stump collector?  Well, I thought about it, and about all the stumps I have drug home over the years.  Ya, I guess I am a stump collector, but look at the cool things my stumps have become........ 
a bench made from stumps and an old second-hand bed frame
placed on one side of the arbor, a
perfect place to sit after a long day's work
and watch the sun set.
a stump to set an old wooden faerie house on
When we moved from Nevada I left quite a collection of stumps and
old twisted trunks, I wonder if the new owners cut them up for firewood?
Try this:
bury a tree trunk with the roots sticking up and hang bird feeders
or birdhouses from the gnarled roots,
or use the roots to hold a large bird bath
and grow a beautiful flowering vine up it,
or hollow out the middle cavity and plant flowers in it,
or put a trunk out in the garden and put old lamp bulbs on it
my BULB TREE has graced my gardens for many years
use a trunk for a bench around the fire-pit
What ingenious ways have you used old tree trunks or stumps? 
 I know I'm not the only "stump collector"  who drags them home!


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