Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, May 13, 2013

Unique Water Fountains Recycled from old lamps

I have always been fasionated with the old brass and glass bulb lamps.  About 3o years ago when I first began collecting them they could be found inexpensively, so I would tear them apart and make something else of them.   I would hang the extra large glass bulbs from trees, or stick them atop a cedar fence post in the pasture, and of course add them to my Bulb Tree that stands out in the middle of my Garden.  The brass parts would be used in art projects, or put together in other combinations to make a number of odd contraptions, bird feeders and bird baths, pots for plants etc., but my favorite idea was to make them into water fountains. 
Sorry, these are photos of old pictures, so they are not very clear.   This is a water fountain I made years and years ago.  I simply tore various lamps apart and utilizing the tall center hollow pipe of the lamp, I  tightened a nut on the bottom threads (leaving a space of pipe under the nut to hook the hose onto)  and begin stacking bits and pieces of different  lamps on the pipe, creating the design of the fountain I wanted.  When I reached the top of the pipe a nut would tighten all the pieces together.  Then  fasten a water pump and hose to the botton of the hollow pipe and the water would flow up the pipe and down the sides.  I liked using a larger piece for the top that would allow the water to drip off the edge. 


As you use these brass fountains they weather beautifully with a nice patina

The fountain base

This is what is looks like now,
the hard water has mellowed the brass
Shouldn't have torn all those lamps apart, now-a-days they are worth a small fortune, but
then again I wouldn't have enjoyed all the quirky yard decorations.
Sometimes you just can't put a price on a yard
that makes you smile, and makes people think you're a little wacky!

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