Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I have been at the farm for over a week now.  The kidding is coming along nicely.  I have been spending long days working in the gardens. Pitch forking tumble weeds over the fence and the
 W-I-N-D  just blows them right back over.  The driveway and path to the house was burried under 6 feet of tumbleweeds, but we were able to burn and clear them away.  We have been getting beautiful rain the last few days which was desperately needed.  Things should start greening up now.

  As I  first walked into the little red house, knowing I could stay for the summer, I was met by all the familiar things that make this little house a home,....... just about anyway.

A vintage love seat with a 60's hand crewel- embroidered pillow sits
 in the enclosed porch.........waiting

A collection of swans' sit patiently waiting on a shelf,
 they have a special meaning for my youngest.
A plack on the wall reminds us of how valuable we are to each other
and how we should treat one another when we are all together again.
old ornate mirrors that reflect the way we live
an old shabby door installed long before they were fashionable
lots of windows covered with lace curtains and hand crocheted doilies
 hung with balin' wire of course
 and old crystal chandeliers can be found in every room...........waiting
The  small opening  (BELOW), cut into an exterior wall, leads from the bedroom
 into the enclosed porch area.   We put up a wall and turned it into
 a tiny 5x10 foot  floor to ceiling library filled with gardening books, and all the classics
..........waiting to be read aloud to each other when we come in for a few hours
 during the middle of the hot summer days.
Yes, it's good to be back to the Little Red House, but it won't be
until the rest of the family is here in a couple more weeks.
I learned a valuable lesson years ago from my oldest daughter after we had moved
yet again.
She said, "Home is where the family is".
Hurry back guys, the little red house and I miss you,
can't wait until you're HOME!

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