Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lots' a RAIN

We have had unseasonably warm weather accompanied by rain.  Lots' and lots' of rain (almost daily for the past 3 weeks).  Standing water everywhere.  I haven't had to water my gardens  at all.   The plants look beautiful and the weeds are as tall as trees.

One day I threw a coat over my head and went for a walk in the gardens.  Didn't get far before slipping in the slick mud and crashing to the ground.  I saved the camera and didn't drop it in a puddle, however by not using my hands to stop the fall, this ole lady has a few bruises.

The hens gladly came out for their food, however no amount of coaxing with fresh hay, could get the goats to poke theirs noses' out from under the shed.

All the plants are producing well and if I squeak by without a frost I may even get a cantaloupe to ripen on the vine.  I try every year but the end of August frost usually gets me.  With all this constant cloud cover it has stayed wonderfully warm.  The Armenian Cucumbers (pictured above)  have especially appreciated the moisture.

Now that I don't have to spend my days watering, I guess I can sit in my chair and watch the weeds grow. 

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