Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Well, what do you do when you rent out "the little red house"?   You move Gypsy Rose,  my little vintage camp trailer, into a secluded spot on the farm  and set up camp.  Only one problem, she is not self contained.   I have always wanted an outdoor bath, and have been collecting items for it for years.  I had  big plans of a quirky building to house the facilities, and an attached sun room to draw in the heat with hoses or pipe in the roof to collect  hot water.  But when necessity calls you put something up quick.  So it was off to the lumber pile and a few hours of work and this is my dream come true........well, maybe not quite what I had in mind, but it will work dandy.

moved GYPSY ROSE into the trees
(see an earlier post--Gypsy Rose gets a face lift--- of her recent remodel)

made a table out of an old slat door

an old dining hutch filled with dishes, utensils and bowls
and an umbrella make a fine kitchen

Rounded up what lumber we could find,
big grow boxes placed next to each other formed the foundation,
and the port-a-potty used 17 years ago when we first lived on the farm.... in a tent,
thick gold draperies from the thrift store
a window
a wooden shelf
and hauled the claw foot tub I have kept for just such an occasion.

Gathered up the old glass decanters I have found over the years.
I'll make some beautifully colored bath salts, bubble bath, and bath oils
to fill them with.

Yes, necessity is sometimes the best reason

this will certainly do


  1. You are crazy. Reminds me a little of a gypsy. Got some in you? You know it will be cold soon?

    1. Hi Leslie,

      Isn't fun to be a bit crazy! I think somewhere along the line I have a long, thick haired, dancing, wandering, Gypsy relative.
      I know it will be cold soon, sadly that means I'm off to Roosevelt and can't hang out at my Gypsy Camp until spring.

  2. Enjoy it! It is very cute and very you.