Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, May 7, 2012


Each week I will keep you up on what's happening in the garden, what I will be taking to the Farmer's Market, the weather and other nonsense.

I will call it the RADISH REPORT 

The weather is typical for spring around here.  Fairly warm, but windy during the day.  Freezing at night , mid teens to low 20's.  The hoses do not thaw out until 10:00 in the morning.  I got brave and set out broccoli, I put black 3 gallon buckets around them, but they still froze back.  The plants weren't killed by the frost so that is a relief just all the leaves were frozen and it has to start growing again..  Lettuce, mustard, mesclun. chard, onions, kohl rabi, kale, mixed greens, and spinach are all planted.  This weekend the potatoes will go in.  Glen is coming down to dig potato rows and shear the sheep.  The goats are still kidding, Precious will kid in an hour or two and then I only have one yearling left.  After kidding season is over I will not have an excuse not to clean my house.

I will have Rhubarb at the Downtown Farmer's Market in St. George on Saturday.  Everyone come out and support your local Farmers!


                                                Chard will be available, onions, and herbs

I will also have eggs.  There have been new regulations this year concerning the sale of eggs.  I cannot recycle cartons  and will be purchasing new unmarked ones.  You can bring these back to re-fill weekly, or bring something else to carry your eggs home in.

Back to work, thank you for letting me be your farmHER!

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