Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Parched !!

I actually painted this in beautiful colors, however without any rain this spring this is how I look.  Everything is covered in dust.  There I am in my hat walking down the lane to the farm.  Little puffs of fine dust rise up to float around my cracked dry feet.  My smile is full of grit and my lips will crack when I speak.   The wind picks up the dust and twists it round and round.  I have observed several dust devils dancing in a row together, picking up tumble weeds and scattering them where they may.  Sometimes they are so tall they reach hundreds of feet into the sky and I watch in wonder.

Until the rains come I will use the water hydrant.

When my kids were little, every time is was about to rain I would send them out to do a rain dance to assure that it would rain.  One day in the spring as the clouds were building it became really cold.  The kids began their rain dancing and the rain began.  It rained harder and harder and the kids kept dancing.  All at once it turned to hail.  Big stones, as big as nickles came pounding down on their heads.  They all ran for cover under the picnic table.  After the hail subsided and the kids made it back to the house, my cute little Meadow who was 4 at the time, and in all innocence said.  "  We did a HAIL of a dance didn't we mom!" 

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