Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wind Chimes

This wind chime I made years ago.  I have always used vintage glass-ware (long before it was called vintage and very collectable) and with 5 kids they were often broken.  What to do with the beautiful, thick colored glass?   Sometimes the pieces were put into a mosiac, or collected in a jar, but usually found their way into a wind chime.

                                An old hanging lamp top was used to hang the glass-ware from

These two wind chimes were made from old bits and pieces found at the different places we have lived.   Old utensils, a real glass piece from a old 36 Buick's  tail-light, gallon jug necks, spark plugs and colored glass.   I have 4 box crates just full of items waiting to be made into chimes.  When making your own use heavy duty fishing line and a strong adhesive  to glue the glass to a beading hasp for hanging.   If hung outside in the sun the line gets brittle in a few years and breaks so hang them in the shade.

I hung these chimes in the sunroom, excess wind can  shatter the glass as it hits into each other.  A soft breeze coming through an open window makes these chimes play a beautiful melody.  One of my favorite chimes was made from a collection of old different sized hand- made nails.   If you make one send pictures and I'll post them.

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