Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

oh, never-mind

"Will one of you guys go turn on the water to the spinach?"  I asked my teen-age boys.  "Go to the hydrant North of the trailer and turn on  the knob that is second from the left as you are facing West, I think it has a yellow hose attached to it.  Follow the hose to the Y and shut off the left hand side and leave the right side running.  Go to the end of the right garden hose and remove the black hose.   Oh wait, I guess you will have to shut the water off at the Y before you change the hoses, any-way remove the black hose and put the short orange one on that has the re-placed end.  Go back and turn on the right Y and then make sure the sprinkler is going in a counter-clock -wise direction."  After I had given these simple instructions I was met with a blank expression of-------------What did you say mom I wasn't listening.  I was  thinking about how hungry I am, and when can we go eat breakfast.---------- I chuckle to myself and instead of repeating it again, or maybe even twice I say,  "I'll go turn on the water and then we can go eat breakfast."

My Grandmother used to always say:

Work first, get it done,
Play last, you'll have more fun.

I feel the same way.  We get up at 5:30 and rather than wasting the best part of the day cooking, eating and cleaning up breakfast, we head straight to the farm.  I will have the boys grab a muffin and fruit, or toast and jam and eat it as we are walking down the lane.  Then around 10:00  we go in for a nice big filling breakfast.

I have changed Grandma's saying:

Work first, make it fun,
Eat last, you'll get more done!

Thanks boys for all your help this past weekend.  What a way to spend your "vacation".

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