Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Farm House Vintage Sink

I don't want to, but sometimes you have to let go of your dreams because reality gets in the way.  I am offering up my vintage farm sink for sale.  It is in good condition.  There are a few dings in the sink that could be re-enameled if wanted and a little rust on the metal cabinet.  I wonder about the stories these old sinks could tell.  I imagine the women, all strong women, standing along side washing dishes with an apron tied around their waist.  They hum as they wash dishes, looking up, they glance out a big window,( with billowy, white curtains) installed above the sink into their well manicured garden.  After the breakfast dishes are done,  they wander through the beautiful, perfect, not a weed in sight (it looks that way in my imagination) and pick the ripened vegetables, dropping them into their apron held up by the corners forming a bag of sorts.  Standing on tip toes to dump the vegetables into the sink, they wash away the dirt before preparing a beautiful, 3 course, home-grown  evening meal.  They accomplish this without a hair out of place, not a run in their stockings, wearing a conservative heel, and a perfectly fitted, zippered back, print dress. (Glad I didn't live back in those days!)

I have one of these sinks and cabinets installed in the mobile home at the farm. 
 I, for lack of better words,

The drain boards on each side of the double sink allows for extra work space, and a place for a drying rack.  You can plop down a bunch of fresh picked beets and just wash away the dirt.  You have one drainboard for dirty dishes, a sink to wash in , a sink to rinse in, and a drainboard to dry on.

I do have another double sink just like this, that I will be installing in the little red house when we remodel the kitchen, I have just decided that I won't be needing this particular sink anymore.  I wanted to put it out in the garden for  a vegetable wash station, but I have decided against building one now, so the sink needs to go.

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