Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, June 3, 2013

I ain't smart or beautiful

So, I can rope a cow, hog tye a hog, throw a bale of hay, shovel all day long, drive an old standard pick-up truck, back up a horse trailer through a narrow alley, and drive a tractor.  I can milk a cow, or goat, ride a horse bareback, and shoot somethin' for supper.  Make bread and fix things when they break, but one thing's for certain,

                                                  I SURE AIN'T SMART!
I decided long ago that all that book learnin' was not for me.  Now don't get me wrong, I have read almost every classic book written, and my favorite authors are John Steinbeck and Willa Cather.   I have a large selection of poetry books; Wadsworth, Frost, Whitman etc., so I can read, but I can't write worth a hoot.  My grammar is pathetic, spelling is even worse, never a coma in the right place, sentences that are too long or to short.
Math, now that is Greek to me.  Never did understand  about the whole two negatives make a positive.  If you are multiplying a -50 and another -50, how does that make it a +2500 .  Couldn't wrap my brain around that concept until....... I had my first youngin'.
You see, I am a homely ole farm gal and my husband wouldn't ever win no beauty contest either, so I just figured that we'd have homely kids just like us.
Well, imagine my surprise when I had this beautiful baby girl who looked just like the Gerber Baby, everybody said so.  And ever one of my youngin's turned out beautiful or handsome.  And it's not just cuz I'm the mom that I think they look mighty fine.  My graduating son was just voted by his class........
 "could even make a potato sack look good"
Anyhow it got me to thinkin'...... two negatives make a positive.........  Still didn't make any sense using numbers, but the way  I figured it, two uglies', or homelys' make a beautiful or handsome, so it would only make sense that two "ain't so smarts"  would make very intelligent youngin's.
Yep, my little feller is a graduating at the top of his class as VALEDICTORIAN
(his older brother did also)
and he also received the "COUGAR CREST" award, an award presented by the faculty to  whom they feel is an exceptional student and individual.

feller on a job well done,
Nope, I certainly ain't smart or beautiful, but that don't bother me none.

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  1. Tell him congratulations for us. My girls still talk about the time they spent with your 2 boys. They had such a great time. They are fine young men.