Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Here's what greeted me as I drove into the driveway at the little red house.  Welcome to Beryl where the wind blows a hundred miles an hour (it really does) and it fills up your house with sand and your driveway and walkway with tumble weeds blown in from the fields.
I hear you can sell them.  Well, actually a few years ago, I spray painted a bunch of them in beautiful, bright colors (pink, yellow, purple, light blue) and GAVE them away at market.  ( Humm, I have a can of spray paint, I'll paint one and post it as soon as this blasted wind stops blowing).  Right now, I am offering them FREE to anyone who wants to come out to the farm and get them!

This is the pathway looking out the front door.

about 6 feet deep!
So we did the only thing possible with this many weeds.
but the next day the W-I-N-D blew them all back............
and the next day the wind blew them all back.......
and the next day...........
Hey, all you old fogies, who was the name of the group of singers that sang Tumblin' Tumbleweeds?
My grandpa was a fan and we'd listen to a tape of them all the time riding in his big ole
 Red Cadillac.  They also sang, "Ghost Riders in the Sky", but I can't for the life of me remember who they were.  If ya know please leave me a comment, and I'll send ya a beautiful
 spray painted tumbleweed!
(but only if ya want one)
available for U.S. delivery only


  1. I bet the version you remember was by Gene Autry.

    1. Hay Scott,....... Yes, Gene Autry did sing the "Tumbling Tumbleweeds", but the group I was remembering was "The Son's of the Pioneers", but being you were the only one who sent along a comment would you like a spray-painted tumbleweed, or do you already have plenty of your own?