Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Knock me over with a chicken feather

"Really", I turned and asked Glen when my name was called. Waiting for a few seconds (seemed like minutes) to see if anyone else had the same name as mine, but no one else stepped forward so I decided it must be me.  "Really", it can't be me I thought as I made my way to the front of the art museum to claim my prize.   There must be some mistake.   I was still in a state of shock as I shook the curator's hand as she handed me over a check for FIRST PLACE in the theme oil painting "LEATHER AND LACE" for the 24th annual Outlaw Trail Juried Art Show in Vernal.  Entries are accepted from anywhere West of the Mississippi River.  It is the first juried show I have entered,  I painted, on a large24"x30" canvas, a gardener's view of the theme and my amazing husband built me a beautiful frame to go around my painting.  I clear stained the decorative edge that would be next to the painting, stained the outer edge dark brown and painted grey over the stain and then sanded away some of the paint.  I wanted to give it the essence of looking out a window and seeing this on the neighbor's back steps.   I almost didn't enter it.  I felt a little embarrassed to even think of entering a juried show and didn't fill like my painting was good enough.

"Are you all right" the curator asked me, "You have a funny look on your face".
 I replied "Oh, just in a state of shock".  Yes, you could have knocked me over with a chicken feather!

  My typical reserve, never afraid in the face of danger, totally went out the window.  My knees were shaking and I honestly thought I would pass out. Somehow I managed to collect the check and make it back to where my handsome man was standing without landing in a heap on the floor.  I am shaking right now even thinking about it.  I wasn't even going to make the trip back up north to attend the artist reception and awards ceremony, but at the last minute I decided to go.  So I hopped in good ole Wilma and away we went.  The boy's would take care of the farm while I was gone.

 I still can't imagine why I won, the only thing I  can think of is, the judge ( a professional artist from SLC) must be a gardener too:-) 

yes, it's blurry
I haven't learned how to use my new camera

 Thank you
Uintah Arts Council
for the opportunity to participate in your annual show
and especially for the unexpected



  1. Way to go Jill. I feel very privileged to have one of your paintings:)

  2. Super grats to you! I love it when you're rewarded for all that talent you've got bottled up inside you.