Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Monday, October 21, 2013

A day away from the farm

Been back and forth between the farm and the home away from home.  The vegetables are all harvested from the fields, the last CSA delivery for the season has been made.  I have a day for relaxing............ and recovering from several days of being drug around the farm behind the rear tined hand tiller.

so I sat down in my old 50's bright orange couch

put my feet up
on my vintage drop-leaf chopped-off table....... 
but I can't sit for more than a minute 
I needed something to do
so I
gathered up some small prints of my paintings
and the pile of fridge magnets I have been saving
 they come attached to the new phone books
that are delivered in the mail 

glued the prints to the tops of the magnets
set a pile of books on them until the glue was dry
cut out the individual tiny works of art
and placed them on the fridge

try this with your favorite photos, cards, inspirational or funny quotes, etc.


I grabbed the keys to the my ole 53' Ford and

drove to the local pumpkin patch and purchased 4 large pumpkins
(no, I don't grow my own at the farm in season is to short)
spent the rest of the day cleaning out the pumpkins and making


I made several flavors
and ate way toooooo many.

Kicked off my boots late in the evening was a perfect day of relaxing

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