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Cricket Song Farm

Saturday, October 12, 2013


I quite often hear people comment that they don't like turnips.  I wonder to myself if they have tried them or just assume they are not tasty to eat.  Several years ago at my husbands' family traditional 24th of July celebration, I took a platter of veges from the garden.  I brought carrots, radishes, young beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, and had peeled turnips, julienned  into thin pencil strips.   I had made a tasty radish and cream cheese  dip to accompany the vegetables.
.   Everyone was enjoying them (the turnips) until someone asked what the thin white things were.  Well, the minute I said "turnip",  everyone said "Ewwwww,  I don't like turnips", and quit eating them

Did you know the tradition of pumpkin carving was originally turnips that were carved?

On all-hallows eve hundreds of years ago the Celtic people of Ireland would carve out turnips, adding a face and filling with glowing embers.  They would be placed on doorsteps to keep away the evil spirits that wandered around on that night.  When the Irish came to America and discovered the native pumpkin (something they did not have in Ireland)  the use of turnips was replaced with the larger, easier to carve pumpkin.

Turnips have been in the CSA deliveries the past couple of weeks.

I enjoy turnips, peeled and eaten raw,
 or try roasting with small new potatoes, carrots, beets and parsnips.


mix root vegetables of similar sizes together
add onions and peppers
season well with olive oil, Italian seasoning, and ground sea salt
roast in a hot oven 400-425 degrees until vegetables are soft

try adding raw, peeled, and grated turnips to your favorite cabbage coleslaw recipe

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