Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Friday, January 17, 2014


The Banana squash is stored on the wooden shelves in the basement. 
The squash will last all winter if several precautions are taken.  In the fall when the squash is harvested I let it cure for 2 to 3 weeks before I bring it into the house.  Every night after it was harvested, I covered  the squash with several blankets to keep the frost off.  The warmth from the ground will keep the squash from freezing.  When the rind is cured ( it should be difficult to pierce with your finger nail)  the squash can be moved in for the winter.  Be sure you only store the squash with a thick orange rind, cook the soft rind squash within a couple of months before they rot.  I have heard to wash the rind with a diluted bleach wash that prevents mold and decay.  I don't want to put bleach on my food so I have never tried it.  This year I had a little longer growing season and was able to get a few Banana squash to mature.  They are stored all winter and used to make delicious
squash pies,
cut into sections and baked with a roast and other vegetables, or peeled and steamed.
  Anyway I cook this vegetable, it is delicious.

I added new yukon and red potatoes, thumb print carrots, freshly harvested
 storage onions and banana squash
to a large pork roast.   Placed all ingredients in a large roasting pan and cooked for several hours.

One year after a particularly good winter squash harvest, I made a large 
box out of hay bales to put the squash in until I could get it all hauled in for the winter.   I covered the squash with blankets every night this kept the heat in extremely well, allowing me more time to get it all hauled.

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